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You can train when you want, and make what you need

Set your own schedule

You can train a client with fittcoach anytime, day or night, 365 days a year. When you train a client is always up to you, so it never interferes with the important things in your life.

Use the app to manage your clients

Be able to view your schedule and manage your clientele according to you. Set your availabilities on when you want to train. We want you to train clients, when you feel like it!

Work your way up to higher earning potential

Workout pricing starts with a base amount, then increases based on the level of customer service you provide!



Show off your profile.

  • Fully customize your profile.

  • Highlight what makes you unique. 

  • Show off your reviews and clientele progress.

  • Edit your calendar and set your schedule for the week. 

  • Link all relevant social media accounts. 


October 2017

"I'm currently a student as well as a certified personal trainer. When I was told about the idea that I can work whenever I want at my own schedule, I jumped at the opportunity and today i'm making more than I ever would have at a local gym!"

- Yawan Xu


september 2017

"I joined fittcoach after realizing that marketing and differentiating myself amongst other personal trainers became difficult. My clients can now see my picture, a full profile and most importantly reviews from other clients! I've increased almost twice my clients so far."

- Thierry Lessoil