Germs at the Gym & Where to Find Them

One thing that people tend to overlook when going to the gym is the high amount of germs and viruses that lurk around and can be easily spread. Not only is it important to protect yourself from these germs (check out our blog post on how to protect yourself from germs at the gym here), but it also helps to know where these germs are most commonly found. Check out this list of popular germ hot spots!


1. Free Weights

Since so many people use these weights and they’re all hands on, you never know what germs are left on them.


2. Weight Machines

Make sure to wipe down any handles or surfaces on the weight machines, as these are common hiding places for all sorts of germs and viruses.


3. Cardio Machines

There’s a lot of sweat going around on the cardio machines, even the seats can carry some nasty germs. Although Cardio machines are wiped down more than the free weights, they’re still important to keep an eye on!


4. Locker Room

Since the locker room is always humid, this is a perfect place for germs to manifest. Keep in mind all the outdoor things that are being tracked into the locker room from people’s shoes, bags and more before sitting on the benches with your bare bum!


5. Showers

Although people are cleaning themselves here, you never know what could be left behind. Make sure to always wear flip flops or shoes if you use these facilities.