Weird Ways to Workout

How do you typically workout? Some might play a sport, some hit the gym with a friend, and some by going for a daily jog. Whatever floats your boat, there’s something out there for everyone. Here’s a few weird ways to workout that you may not have heard of before! I know I’ll be trying number 5 sometime soon!


1. Stiletto Workout

Have you ever tried walking in stiletto’s? It takes quite a bit of core strength and balance. A popular theme of workout is for individuals to wear a pair of stiletto heels while completing moves such as stretches, curls and balancing struts. This workout strengthens the legs, and core, while helping to practicing balance, and tightening of posture.


2. “Kranking”

This one is a workout involving the “cranking” action of your arms on a device that holds resistance. This one is a great workout for your upper body, using your upper back muscles for the extra strength.


3. Ribbon/Aerial Dancing

One of my favourites has to be aerial ribbon dancing. Although I could never be as elegant as ribbon dancers, I think this one would be super fun to try out. This workout uses your whole body, balancing and holding yourself up with core strength and twisted ribbons.


4. Circus Workout

Common circus workouts would be those seen used in Cirque de Soleil, but not quite as extravagant. Using a trapeze, some rings and ropes, this can be a full body workout sure to be unique among your friend group.


5. Parkour

This one is becoming more and more popular every day. Parkour is a riskier activity, running and jumping from visible platforms and using various edges and buildings surrounding to your advantage. More and more parkour parks and arenas are popping up all across Ontario, with protected and specially built equipment for parkour lovers.


6. Under-water bicycling

Finally, another great one is under-water bicycling. This one is just as simple as it sounds! A popular program and training session currently at public recreation centres. Special bikes are used in a pool to create extra resistance in the water, giving your legs a great workout!