The Best (And Worst!) Workout Clothing Brands

Whether you've just joined your first gym, or are a long-time fitness guru - one thing is for sure -the clothes you're wearing can at the time can really make or break your workout. Check out this quick list we put together of some of our favourite (...and, not so favourite) workout and activewear.


The BEST Workout Brands



Although Lulu tends to be on the more expensive side, their leggings and workout clothes can definitely be worth it. With little slippage and seams, they look great and will stay on while you’re working out. They could use improvement with the range of sizes they offer, but the various styles and money-back guarantees make the brand well worth it.



An Australian based brand, GymShark offers a smaller range of sizes and styles, but man, do they know what’s up. Not only are their clothes comfortable for working out, but their innovative designs ensure your outfit will never slip, slide or stretch while moving. With a mid to high price range, it’s a brand definitely worth trying out.


Alo Yoga

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you’ve probably noticed the awesome styles of Alo Yoga’s clothing offered at a pretty steep price range. Made with high quality material and long lasting, this brand’s clothing tends to be geared more towards yoga, but can be worn for other activities as well. The only downside to this is that the sweat shows!



Hyba Activewear is a newer brand of activewear from Reitmans and based out of Montreal. The brand is known for its intriguing styles and great fitting pieces that don’t slip while working out. With super comfortable clothing, they offer a variety of yoga clothes, sportswear, and lounge clothes all in super fun patterns and colours. Affordable and versatile in size and style, this brand is definitely one to try out.


Under Armour

Under Armour knows what they’re doing when it comes to workout gear. Their clothes not only fit great, but have been known to last long as well. With barely any wear after a longer period of time, the higher price can be worth it for long term use.

...and, the not so great.



This brand has mixed reviews, but has been known for their short wear and not so great material quality for working out. Not only do they tend to show sweat marks, but they have been known to stretch and slide as you sweat, making them harder to work with, especially when working with equipment. At a higher price range, it might not be worth the purchasing risk.

forever 21 workout review.png

Forever 21

Forever 21 can be a hit or miss. The price range can be great if you’re just starting to get into working out, but the overall wear can be rather annoying. I find their leggings stretch very easily, making them slightly more uncomfortable and harder to wear when moving around so much during a workout. Especially when working with resistance bands and other equipment, these clothes can prove to make your workout routine a bit harder than needed!



Now, don’t get me wrong, Nike’s fit and size range offered is decent, but the majority of their leggings and workout clothing is a cotton blend, or just cotton. This is a no-no when it comes to working out, as cotton traps moisture and tends to be harder to dry. Not only will your clothes be sticking to you, but you could end up with a nasty rash!