Couples Workout Routine to Make Your Relationship (Truly) Stronger!

Your partner’s gotten super into fitness since the new year and you want to impress them this Valentine’s Day by treating them to a workout date! Well, we’ve got you’ve covered with this list of couples exercises that are sure to make not only yourselves stronger, but your relationship as well!

Warm Up

GIF courtesy of Cosmopolitan UK.

GIF courtesy of Cosmopolitan UK.

1. Jump squats with ankle touches

Face your partner and by jumping from left to right leg, meet your partner’s ankle in the middle. Do this until you have done 5 on each side, and proceed into a wide-stance squat. Jump back up to centre and repeat until you have completed 20 squats.


2. Push-ups and claps

Get in position to do a regular push-up, but ensure when you look up, you are facing your partner. Proceed by both doing a push-up and clap or high-five your partner when you reach the top of your push-up. Repeat until you’ve both done 20 push-ups.


3. Wall sits and tricep dips

Have one partner do a wall sit while the other partner stands in front of the first, placing their hands on the first partner’s knees for balance and doing a tricep dip. Proceed with this until the second partner has done 20 tricep dips and switch places. Swap places until each partner has done both exercises three times each.


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1. Weight lifting and spotter

If your partner is into weights, offer to be their spotter for a round, ensuring they aren’t lifting too much weight while encouraging them to push a bit harder. Take turns until both partners have done 3 sets of weights.


2. Medicine ball

Using the medicine ball is a great way to involve both partners. Lunges are good for working the lower body and v-sits are great for strengthening abdominal muscles. For the lunges, begin by stepping backwards into a lunge with a medicine ball in your hands. When you step forward back into a regular stance, toss the medicine ball to your partner, who will catch the ball and step back into their lunge. Alternate and repeat until both partners have done 20 lunges on both legs.

For the v-sits, both partners sit on the floor facing each other and lift their legs so their body is balanced and forming a “V” shape. Using your abdominal muscles to balance, pass the medicine ball between each other until it has been passed 40 times.


3. Alternating box jump

Stand a few feet away from your partner and place a box in between you two. Alternate jumping on the box into a squat and back down into a squat until each partner has done 15-20 jump squats on the box. Feel free to hold dumbbells in each hand on your sides to increase difficulty. Repeat for 2 or 3 sets.


4. Bicep and tricep resistance

Stand facing your partner both holding one end of a light resistance band. One partner uses the band to do a bicep curl, while the other uses the band to complete a tricep extension. Do this until each partner has done 20 reps and swap roles. Repeat this for 2 or 3 sets.