Germs at the Gym & 7 Ways Protect Yourself From Them


One thing people tend to overlook when going to the gym is their cleanliness. Gyms are a great place for all sorts of germs and viruses to collect and transfer from one individual to the other. So how can you ensure to be safe from them? Check out this quick checklist!


1. Cover up!

Cover any open cuts or peeling skin with a band-aid, or larger bandage before headed to the gym.

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2. Wash!

As with any other activity - make sure you’re frequently washing your hands! This includes before and after you workout.

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3. Wipe!

Most gyms provide moist towelettes for use on the machines. Make sure to take advantage of these, and wipe down the equipment thoroughly before and after use.

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4. BYOE!

Bring your own everything! If you can bring your own of it, do it! This includes your own water bottle, towels, hair elastics, hairbrush…Try to avoid sharing when working out to avoid swapping sweat.


5. Shower at home.

This one is plain and simple - if possible, try to shower at home. You can never be sure of what’s lurking around in the stalls, or when the last time they were checked throughly was.


6. Separate!

Bring two bags, or a bags with separate compartments to keep your dirty clothes from your clean ones. This works for footwear as well. If you have an old plastic bag lying around, these are great to line the inside of your gym bag and will keep your clean clothes clean!

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7. Cover up again!

Covering up goes for footwear as well. Make sure to wear some kind of flip flops if you use the showers, and don’t be sitting on any benches with your bare bum!