Places to Workout During the Winter

If you’re someone who likes to workout outdoors instead of in your typical gym, Winter time can be tough. Sometimes it can get too cold to go for your daily run or play sports and before you know it, you’ve missed most of your typical workout days and replaced them with a cup of hot chocolate inside by the fire.

Fret not though - we’ve compiled a list of places you can find around your town that the whole family can enjoy, while keeping warm inside!


Trampoline Park

Not only is this something the whole family can enjoy, but jumping on a trampoline can give you a full-body workout with little strain, while improving balance and coordination. Using your whole body to jump up and down and maintain balance improves core strength and let’s face it, it’s just plain fun!

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Spin Classes

Hit up your local gym to participate in a spin class, or cycling! Not only is this workout great for burning calories quickly, you can work at your own pace and build muscle doing so.

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(Indoor!) Ice Skating

Many arenas will often open their indoor rinks during the Winter for public skates. This activity is great for building muscles in your legs and arms as you control your balance and push yourself along the ice and has also been known to cause 50% LESS stress on joints than running!

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Yoga Classes

Improve your flexibility while staying warm with some yoga classes this Winter! We all know Yoga has been known to reduce stress, but it is also great for building your core muscles, as it takes a lot of strength to hold yourself in the many complicated positions.

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Although it may seem out of season, many places such as the YMCA will open their pools during the Winter for public swims. Another great activity for the whole family, swimming can help to reduce stress while also building up muscles and improving your cardiovascular system.


Rock Climbing

If you’re afraid of heights, this can be a great workout that can also help you conquer your fears. Rock climbing uses many of your core muscles to maintain balance and positioning while also improving flexibility. It has also been known as a great activity to give you cardio AND strength training in one workout!


Tai Chi Classes

The slow and controlled movements of Tai Chi classes mainly focus on increasing balance and agility, but can sometimes improve the strength in your core muscles as well. With classes great for discipline, bring the whole family along and see your stress and anxiety slowly fade away!


(Indoor!) Soccer

Soccer is a super fun sport to play all year ‘round, with running and kicking, it’s great for improving not on the strength in your lower body, but also improving your cardiovascular health. Your overall health has been seen to improve with the rapid changes between running, walking and sprinting as well!