5 Unrealistic New Years Resolutions

New Years is a time to forget about the past year of regrets and say hello to the new year with a fresh new face. New Year’s also means for some, it’s time to create a list of resolutions (that may or may not be accomplished). Get a head start on your goals with our list of some of the most commonly failed New Year’s Resolutions and how you can change them to make them happen!

  1. “I’m going to stop spending money on food!”

Cutting out spending on food as a whole is nearly impossible, so instead try cutting down on the amount of time and money spent eating out. Set yourself a schedule to go out for a nice meal once a week, then cutting down to every 2 weeks and before you know it, you’ll find yourself saving tons of money by cooking frequent homemade meals.


2. “I’m going to buy a gym membership and get fit!”

We all know how common this resolution is, but is it realistic? Instead of jumping from no workouts to daily, strenuous workouts, try doing simple at home workouts to start, or finding places to go for a run or play some soccer. There’s no point in spending lots of money on a gym membership, only to feel like you aren’t getting your money’s worth. Start with workouts once a week and work your way up. Once you’re in the routine of a regular routine and needing more space to pursue your fitness goals, join an affordable gym!


3. “I’m going to be a better person.”

Whether 2018 filled your with regrets or not, there’s always a lot of stress surrounding this resolution. As with any other resolution, the best way to grasp it is to start small and work your way up. Start out by giving one person a compliment each day, and later you can schedule some time every so often to give back further, such as clearing out your closet from old clothes ready to be donated, or volunteering at a food bank.


4. “I’m going to stop eating junk food.”

Similar to the resolution above regarding eating out, this one can be a bad habit to break unless done incrementally. Instead of cutting out junk food all together, try cutting down a little bit at a time. If you currently schedule time daily for treats and desserts after a meal, start by cutting down those portions to every other day, and eventually schedule yourself a day once a week where you’re allowed to treat yourself.

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5. “I’m going to travel lots this year!”

What lets a lot of people down with this resolution is the realization of how much time and money is needed to make this one happen. Instead of trying to visit multiple places throughout the year, plan one or two larger trips in advance in a location you’ve never visited before and in a few years time, you’ll have checked quite a few locations off your bucket list in a realistic way.