How do I see my profile?

Go to and click on your profile icon on the top right (circle). Then click on “Profile”

How long does a session last?

Currently sessions can be booked for 1 hour slots. Even if a customer only trains for 30min, they still pay for 1 hour session

Can I offer packages or discounts?

Currently, we do not have packages or discounts. However it will be implemented in our final app solution which will come out in the coming weeks

When does payment take place?

Once a client books you, a message (and email) will show up on your dashboard. Once you accept the workout, the payment is processed. After the workout the client MUST mark the workout as completed in order for the payment to be finalized

What price can I charge?

You can charge whatever price works best for you. We suggest $25-$45. However, please note that currently you cannot offer multiple different pricing

How do I contact my client?

There is a chat window on the website. Simply click on inbox and the appropriate client to begin messaging them. Ideally, you should have their phone number after the first session

What if my client doesn’t show up? What is your refund policy?

Currently, we ONLY offer refunds if the transaction is cancelled by the client with 24 hours of notice

What if I cannot train on a date that I was booked?

Every time a client wants to book you, a message (and email) will show up. On the website, click on INBOX and then you can “Decline” the workout request. You can also send the client a message telling them to book another date

Can a customer leave a review and recommendation>?

Yes! They can “Like” your profile page, recommend your page via social media, and leave a positive review after a session

I want to be the best Fittcoach on the platform. How can you help me?

All top rated fittcoaches will be placed on the top of the site and featured on our social media to help you get more exposure!

Does a customer need to mark the workout as completed so that I can get paid?

No. They have the option to mark it completed but it will be marked completed automatically. You will get paid a few days after your workout is complete

How do taxes work?

Since you are a freelancer on the Fittcoach website, you are responsible for doing your own taxes. Please visit your government website to learn more about how to do this. Please note that Fittcoach is not responsible for your taxes or tax payments