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Sales tax in Quebec

Requirements for trainers

To train with fittcoach, you’ll need to register for a GST and QST number and add them to your profile. We’ll provide these to the government on your behalf. Learn more about how this works.


Quebec driver requirements

Sales Tax Overview


What do I need to do?

As an Uber partner, you’re an independent contractor—you work for yourself. This means you’re required to report your income and applicable taxes, just like any business owner.

You’ll have to register and provide your GST and QST numbers to Uber before you can start driving. This will allow us to collect and remit the sales tax for each of your rides on your behalf.

Keep in mind

Although you’re not the one paying Revenu Quebec the GST/QST, you’re still responsible for filing your annual GST/ QST return at the end of the year (at the same time as filing your personal income tax). Your annual Tax Summary available on will help you report your GST and QST amounts.

We encourage you to work with a tax professional if you need advice on filing your taxes.


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Collect, remit, file

Do tax season right


Providing GST/QST numbers

Before you start training with fittcoach, you must provide your tax registration numbers (GST and QST). During your first visit to the fittcoach Centre for your registration, you’ll either fill out a form with your existing GST/QST numbers (if you already have them) or apply to request these numbers. You’ll receive your tax registration numbers by mail from Revenu Québec in the following weeks.

File your GST/QST return

If training with fittcoach was your only commercial activity during this taxation year, simply follow the steps linked below to fill out the GST/QST remittance slip (FPZ-500-V) form. You will find the necessary information to complete the slip in your tax summary under the section "For your GST/QST Return".

If you had other commercial activities during the year in addition to your fittcoach training activities, you may have to report additional amounts of GST/QST for those other commercial activities as well.

How to fill out the GST/QST return form-Uber is only commercial activity

Instructions si vous exercez seulement des activités commerciales avec Uber

Uber drivers who carry on other commercial activities than Uber

Partenaire Uber qui exerce d'autres activités commerciales